Aging and automation: coming to an organization near you
Aging and automation: coming to an organization near you
29 Mar 2020

Mercer's new report provides food for thought on how two of the biggest threats of our time – workforce aging and workforce automation – are rapidly and fundamentally transforming the future of work. 

"Older workers are facing significant displacement risks at the hands of emerging technologies, and are often overlooked as viable sources of renewed productivity. Employers would do well to redeploy the unique abilities of older workers as part and parcel of any digital transformation strategy.

Indeed, employers that don’t incorporate older workers into their workplace strategies run the risk of exacerbating unemployment and underemployment among this segment, contributing to social instability and missing a valuable opportunity to enhance productivity.

"With a wealth of both institution-specific and industry knowledge, older workers are poised to take advantage of new technology. Rather than replacing humans, technology can effectively complement human input and experience, allowing companies to reconceptualize older workers as 'experienced workers' and put their value front and center."

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