How top freelance platforms are engaging with users
How top freelance platforms are engaging with users
01 Jul 2020

Jon Younger's next article in his series: The freelance revolution during COVID 19

"In past articles we surveyed freelance platform CEOs and thought leaders on several topics: in demand freelance skills following COVID 19, how platforms are supporting their most important asset - their talent, and the impact of COVID 19 on pricing and project flow. 

The question this round:

What have you found most effective in engaging current customers, and past and potential future customers, during the pandemic? What’s been most helpful in generating new business or reinforcing client loyalty?  What’s one new investment you’ll keep post COVID?

The big message, loud and clear: there is no playbook to follow. As you sample the comments from 30 CEOs and thought leaders from NYC to Sydney, it’s evident that anything and everything is on the table.  Most say they are staying in closer touch with customers, offering exemplary service and support, and providing best practice guidance on remote work and the shift to a more flexible, blended workforce. Almost all say that human connection is the right tone for this time. Webinars and other educational offerings are clearly valued, and seems likely to continue post COVID."

Here’s what Marc Daniel, CEO of Nextwork had to say:

“Building our community, connecting with freelancers and clients on a personal level, is who we are.  We’re taking time to speak to each client, hear their stories, tell them ours, and better understand their needs. This approach has created stronger ties and driven growth. Important before the pandemic but now ‘mission critical’."

Read the full article here.

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