Increase in remote-optional work benefitting freelance platforms
Increase in remote-optional work benefitting freelance platforms
01 Jul 2020

In Jon Younger's Forbes' article he asks freelance platform CEOs: “The shift to remote is real and likely to be around for quite some time.  How will the shift impact and change your business short and longer term, and your freelancers? What plans are you making with your staff and platform freelance talent to adjust? Can you turn this into an advantage and, if so, how?” 

“The mainstreaming of remote and contingent work is a game-changer for a more flexible approach to ongoing work. This is our business model. The paradigm shift couldn’t be better timed.” - Marc Daniel, CEO of Nextwork.

Hear from Nextwork, and other work platforms, on how the pandemic-led rise in remote work is accelerating the trend towards greater acceptance and use of agile talent. Click here to read the full article.

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