Meet our Nextworker, Stan
Meet our Nextworker, Stan
01 Jul 2020

Meet our Nextworker Stan, a diversity and talent development expert. Building on a successful 31-year career at IBM, Stan now combines his world-class business know-how with his passion for personal growth to help organizations bring together, include, and develop all talent.

A fervent learner always taking on new challenges, Stan enjoys his work as a freelancer as he is able to work with multiple clients across a range of engagements, allowing him to continuously learn and build understanding and stay at the forefront of a fast-paced and fast-changing area.

Stan’s advice to companies and their HR leaders – “Fostering a diverse, inclusive, and growth culture is critical to success in today’s market. Bringing someone like me in on a project basis can help you deliver outstanding results with little investment. I can assist with developing a diversity and inclusion strategy, developing and delivering customized diversity training, establishing and growing employee networks and communities, and delivering turn-key programs to engage your people through meaningful, company-specific career planning. All these activities will help you motivate and retain your top talent.”

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